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Three Reasons To Keep Your Pond Water Clean

Adding a pond to your backyard is a great way to create a peaceful, tranquil, and truly relaxing environment. These relatively low-cost, water features are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also capable of attracting a lot of local, wildlife that can turn your outdoor space into your own nature retreat. Despite their incredible appeal, however, these features can also cause real trouble for property owners if they aren’t properly maintained. Following are three, important reasons to keep your pond water clean.

Mosquitoes And Disease

Mosquitoes are far more than annoying, biting insects that cause red, itchy bumps wherever they strike. These bugs are also capable of transmitting many serious forms of disease. Sadly, backyard ponds create the perfect place for mosquito eggs, especially when they’re allowed to become stagnant and dirty. If you have a pond that’s been attracting a number of mosquitoes, you should definitely think about hiring professional, aquatic management services. These companies can help you regain clean, fresh, and moving water so that your pond becomes less habitable and appealing to these incredibly invasive and troublesome bugs.

Foul Smells And Excessive Amounts Of Algae

A good pond will only add to the usability and appeal of your property, rather than detracting from it. When ponds become overrun with algae and other growths, they can also become slow and sluggish by clogging up any included, filtration systems. These and other developments won’t just make your pond a veritable magnet for mosquitoes; they’ll additionally increase the likelihood of foul and pervasive odors. Keep in mind that letting algae overrun your pond will also starve living fish and animals of oxygen and important nutrients. If you can smell your pond before you see it, you definitely need to rethink the way in which you’re currently maintaining this water feature. With a balanced pH, adequate filtration and movement, and strategies for preventing the overgrowth of algae, this feature will become much better to look at, and much less likely to invade your outdoor area with unpleasant aromas.

Protecting The Health Of Both Household Residents And Pond Residents

Whether your pond is home to tadpoles, full-grown frogs, turtles, or fish, you want it to maintain a good pH balance, and a reasonable level of beneficial and life-supporting organisms. Ponds are by no means bacteria-free. Instead, they should be healthy, miniature eco-systems that are not overrun with invasive and harmful germs, or overgrowths of algae. Keeping the contained waters continuously moving at a suitable speed, and regularly checking the water for signs of serious contamination are both vital steps for ensuring that everyone who lives in or comes in contact with this feature stays safe.