Add a Touch of Natural Chic to your Home

Add a touch of natural chic to your home by decorating it with cowhide rugs. Since these coverings have been chromium-tanned, they’re durable and will provide enjoyment for many years to come. Cowhide rugs are resilient enough to withstand the rigors of an active family with kids and pets. Plus, they’re good news for allergy sufferers because they’re hypo-allergenic.

Decorating a house and turning it into a home includes making lots of decisions. Since accessories that come in different sizes and colors make the task easier, cowhides fit the bill. Unify your space by using a large covering as a focal point, or position a cowhide rug in the center of a seating arrangement. You could even use a larger cowhide as a bed covering. Smaller rugs are just as versatile. In addition to using them as floor coverings, you can drape them across accent tables, chests and chairs, or hang them on the walls.

Cowhides are lightweight, affordable and easy to maintain. Move them around at will as you rearrange furniture or when you update your décor. Clean your rugs easily with a damp cloth and mild soap. While cowhide doesn’t collect as much dust as other coverings, it’s a good idea to shake your hides out once a week.

Since cowhide rugs come in many patterns and colors, they fit any type of home or office space. The traditional black and white, grey and white or single-color hides work well in even the most elegant, modern or sophisticated interiors. Speckled, brindle and reddish rugs make attractive additions to eclectic, casual, rustic or transitional spaces.

If you’re not afraid to be different, try a patchwork cowhide rug. While especially suitable for contemporary décor, this design fits in with a variety of styles. The same applies to tri-color hides. If you’re looking for a serene feel, opt for pale hides. This makes them ideal for bedrooms and nurseries.

Cowhides provide splendor in their natural state but become even more intriguing with special treatments, especially in regards to metallic colors. Bronze, silver or gold aren’t the only options. You can find black, brown, beige and even red hides embellished with metallic glamour. Place them under a chandelier for a particularly regal atmosphere, or transform a boring room instantly into an elegant living space.

The zebra print cowhide is another interesting variety. It works especially well with exotic or modern interiors but can also make a fun addition to a teenager’s room.