Help With Commercial Loans

If you are currently in the market or considering applying for commercial real estate loans Jacksonville FL or in surrounding states in the Southeast., pick a well-experienced and knowledgeable firm that has strategic relationships with lenders who will execute loans and first lien mortgages for all types of income producing properties. The experts are able to present creative and innovative financing and refinancing solutions that will answer your specific needs and be the best fit for you and your business.

Loans are available for retail and commercial projects, hotels and motels, apartments, offices, mixed use, shopping centers, warehouses, student housing, multi-family housing, self storage facilities, industrial, manufactured housing, mobile home parks, and other specialty properties.

Trillium Capital Resources, a full service commercial real estate debt advisory firm, will be happy to help you find the right avenue for the financing or refinancing on your project and further your investment plans and goals. Consult with them so that they can point out and discuss in detail answers to your individual and unique questions and give you peace of mind about what avenue you choose to pursue.

TCR has a network of nationwide lenders, credit unions, and insurance companies that provide the most competitive rates, so they need not be located in the Jacksonville area for you to receive their aid.  That gives you a much larger market to work with and fulfill exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

A major loan recommendation is a CMBS, which stands for “commercial mortgage-backed security,” which is a mortgage-backed security backed by a commercial mortgage rather than by residential real estate. A CMBS is more complex than a residential mortgage-backed security because of the unique nature of the underlying property assets. CMBSs have less prepayment risk than other MBSs due to the structure of commercial mortgages that often contain lockout provisions to protect bondholders.

Loan University

Trillium Capital Resources consistently strives to give their clients the most up-to-date market information on loan rates, mortgage calculations, and other articles on loan products. This is a valued resource regarding commercial real estate financing.